amber fall fashionThe title of this post wasn’t just me being my usual witty self 😉 It’s actually a true statement. If you read any of my earlier posts from the summer you would remember me saying I prefer summer and spring fashion over fall and winter. I might say all of the amazing fashion and trends are to blame for this new love of mine! Where I live in Austin, TX hasn’t quite reached what one would consider fall weather as it remains in the high 90’s. I have been doing a bit of traveling with my husband these last couple of weeks which means I am finally able to wear all of these amazing fall pieces that I have been dying to wear! To say I have been obsessed with Booties, Floppy Hats, and Grey Jeans would be an under statement.  To give you a bit of context….I packed 4 pairs of grey jeans with me!

I was up late putting together outfits for our upcoming adventures in Canada, so I took the opportunity to put an outfit together to give you an idea of what I am loving.  This outfit screams fall!

What are you loving this fall? me

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  • Kristy

    I love the pop of color! Great outfit inspo!