Glow Up Tips: How To Glow Up In One Month! Skin Care Edition!

This post is about Glow Up Tips: How To Glow Up In One Month! Skin Care Edition!

Hey ladies! Now that we’ve tackled the Body Edition, let’s dive into my absolute favorite topic – skincare! When we focus on pampering our skin both from the inside and with mindful choices, we can kiss heavy makeup goodbye. Trust me, less is truly more, and you’ll discover a whole new level of confidence. I get it – I battled acne for years, and now I have skin that I am truly proud of.

Remember our chat in the Body Edition about consistency? Well, it’s just as crucial here! Transformations happen when we build those habits. If all this seems like a lot, no worries – start with one change and ease into a glow-up routine that feels just right for you. Let’s keep it simple and enjoyable!

Glow Up Tips: How To Glow Up In One Month!


Absolutely! Taking care of your skin is like giving it a daily dose of love. It’s not about copying someone else’s routine, but finding what clicks for your skin’s unique vibe. Consistency is key – it’s like a relationship with your skin, and the right products can be your skin’s BFF. Think of skincare as a self-care ritual, a moment in your day that’s all about you. It’s not just about the products; it’s a little act of kindness for yourself. Plus, it’s a confidence booster when you see those positive changes in the mirror.

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Stay Hydrated

Hydration isn’t just a routine; it’s a continuous stream of goodness for your skin. Keep that water bottle by your side, forming a hydration habit that becomes second nature. It’s not just about the amount of water you drink; it’s a commitment to nourishing your skin from the inside out. Watermelon and cucumber, with their high water content, become your skin’s superheroes – snack on them, infuse them into your meals, and let your skin soak in their hydrating magic. Embrace the journey of hydration, and your skin will reflect that commitment with a rejuvenated and supple glow.

Gua Sha

Beyond promoting relaxation, Gua Sha stimulates blood circulation, reduces puffiness, and enhances your skin’s natural radiance. If you want that snatched jawline, and cheekbones to compliment that glowing skin then you’ll want to learn the correct technique as you want to make sure you completely move out the lymph. Gua sha is something I like to do daily but at minimum 5 days a week preferably in the morning when I tend to be the most puffy. Make sure to drink plenty of water before, during and after for the best affects. Ensure you incorporate an oil while using the Gua Sha; it helps in achieving a smoother glide. Remember, a gentle touch is key – there’s no need to go heavy-handed, especially considering the superficial nature of the lymph. Keep it light and effortless for optimal results.


Incorporating a humidifier into my nightly routine has become a must-have practice, not only to protect my skin but also for relaxation. Stay tuned for my bedtime routine – it’s been a game-changer! The secret to locking in moisture, especially during colder months when heaters are in use, lies in using a humidifier before hitting the hay. Opt for filtered water to ensure what you breathe in is as pure as possible. Personally, I make it a habit to clean my humidifier every three days to ward off mold and bacteria. Pro tip: Keep a water filter handy by your bedside for a quick and easy nightly refill.


Fuel your glow from within with a nutrient-rich diet. Load up on fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains. These dietary choices are rich in vitamins and antioxidants, contributing to your skin’s health and fostering an overall radiant appearance. Consider incorporating omega-3 fatty acids found in fish or flaxseeds to enhance skin elasticity and hydration, amplifying your inner glow.

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Ever heard of slugging? It’s a nighttime skincare ritual where you apply a layer of petroleum jelly as the final step. This occlusive layer locks in moisture, leaving your skin soft and dewy come morning. Incorporate slugging a few times a week to give your skin an extra hydration boost, ensuring it remains resilient and glowing through the night. Combining this with my humidifier has done so much for my skins hydration levels in the winter.


Make sunscreen your daily armor. SPF is non-negotiable for daytime skincare, protecting your skin from harmful UV rays and preventing premature aging. Choose a broad-spectrum SPF and apply generously, even on cloudy days. This simple step ensures that your glow-up results are shielded from environmental damage, preserving your newfound radiance and skin health. SPF should be reapplied during the day and it should also be worn indoors!

What to Stop Doing

Bid farewell to habits that hinder your glow:

  • Taking Hot Showers: Opt for lukewarm water to prevent stripping your skin of essential oils.
  • Processed Foods: Minimize the intake of processed foods, as they can contribute to inflammation and negatively impact your skin’s appearance.
  • Using the Wrong Skincare: Identify your skin type and choose products accordingly to avoid potential irritation or breakouts. Consider consulting with a dermatologist for personalized recommendations.

Remember, don’t pressure yourself to try every single one of my Glow Up Tips at once. Instead, focus on building the healthy habits one step at a time!

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