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  1. Pamela says

    Hi, Amber! Great post ❤️. I have some rolling scars on one of my cheeks, and one near my mouth. I’ve been using Tretinoin .025. I still buffer, but I’ve built up to nightly use. I believe the Tretinoin has helped to smooth out the scars. I see old pictures and my scars looked a lot more noticeable. So happy 😊 I googled ‘Ret247get’ and got tretinoin. I also have a very hydrating routine, which I think helps plump up the skin so that scars are less noticeable. I have a certain elevator I take once a week for work. It has the most stressful, disturbing lighting in the world. It makes skin texture look 10,000 times worse. I remember seeing myself in a selfie in that lighting back when I started Tret. Well, recently, just to torture myself, I took out the selfie cam again in that same elevator and noticed a much smoother texture than before. I sound toxic and obsessive. Sigh. But they’ve gotten better! I will probably wait until I run out of this Tret tube and then up to .05.

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