How To Make Better Coffee

I love coffee. I love coffee. Have I mentioned that I love coffee? If you follow me on Instagram or Youtube then you already know this since I mention it every chance I get.

With that said, being such a coffee lover is exactly why I’ve learned so much about coffee and how to drink amazing coffee instead of plain old blah coffee. It has nothing to do with price by the way. I should also mention that Peter, my hubby, is Mr. Coffee – he literally took Barista classes at the best school in Austin, Texas just because he wanted to geek out and know every last thing about coffee once he decided to get into it.

 It Starts With The Bean

First things first, if you’re dealing with coffee beans you want to look and see when they were roasted. The ideal amount of time is within the last 20 days. Then, if you get your coffee ground, you want to use it within 45 minutes! So its always good to get a coffee grinder and no, you don’t have to spend a lot of money. Here’s a cheap one that works very well shop it here

Why does this matter? Well, coffee is aromatic and when beans are ground, they release that aroma similar to the way that wine does. However, after sitting for a while, they lose a lot of their punch. That’s why every single coffee shop worth the money grinds their beans fresh. Shop my favorite coffee beans here

I love coffee so much that I could go on forever so I’ll stop here and keep the focus on regular coffee! Be on the lookout for posts about cappuccino, cold brew, lattes, sweeteners and a lot more. You should probably subscribe because I PROMISE you that the tips I give you will make a world of difference. I never even liked cappuccinos or espressos until learning what the “right way” to drink them was and some sweeteners are way better than others. Oh boy, I’m getting so excited, there’s so much to say. Subscribe to my email list now and check out my other channels. I 100% guarantee you there’s an amazing world of coffee to explore.

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