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We all own those tried-and-true products we turn to in a rush to get ready! Lets face it, we don’t always have the time to sit and experiment with new fancy looks or  whatever is on trend at the moment; so having those reliable products you can turn to just makes life easier! I thought I’d share a few of mine:)

1- TOO FACED CHOCOLATE BAR PALETTE  Just, YES! If you’re going to own any neutral’s palette, let it be this one! I was late jumping on this band wagon, huge regret. If  you have one neutrals palette you have them all right? Wrong!  This palette stands out from the rest from the scent of cocoa when you open it to the pigmentation and texture. Pure perfection.

2- L’ORÉAL TRUE MATCH LUMI FOUNDATION The diversity this foundation provides has earned the title of my Go-To. It’s light to medium coverage and gives you that “dewey” look we all know and love.

3- E.L.F STUDIO MINERAL INFUSED PRIMER For the cost of $6 alone this primer has won me over! My foundation lays beautifully over it while blurring any large pores or lines I have. I haven’t reached for a different primer in weeks!

4- BECCA SHIMMERING SKIN PERFECTOR PRESS Most of us are familiar with this particular highlight, right? Buy it. Just trust me on this! You wont regret it.

5- PRO LONGWEAR PAINT POT Mac’s paint pot’s are probably the most popular, and for good reason. They aren’t the most budget friendly, but worth every penny! I’ve tried to cut corners and go a cheaper route, but no other primer can deliver what the paint pot does. No creases and lasts all night, what else could you ask for?

6- TOO FACED CHOCOLATE SOLEIL MATTE BRONZER First off, the scent off cocoa..YUM! Opening this bronzer never gets old. This matte bronzer is the perfect color and blends wonderfully.

7-  BROW WIZ This is the greatest product to hit the brow world. Other than maybe tattooing hair in the sparse areas of your brows this is the closest that many, including myself, have come to having natural and full looking brows. Throw some Tinted Brow Gel over and you’re good to go!

8- TINTED BROW GEL Anastasia Beverly Hills knows the brows like nobody’s business! Regardless of how non- existent your brows are to how thick and out of control this will fill in sparse areas without looking spray painted on all while keeping them in line like you sprayed a gallon of Aqua-net ( 80’s baby joke.)

9- NYX BUTTER GLOSS  This is my favorite gloss. I wear it on it’s own or over lipstick. It smells great while giving the perfect amount of shine.

10- E.L.F STUDIO BLUSH PALETTE  It’s one my favorite blush palettes, so much it has it’s own post here on my blog. See You’re Making Me Blush for details:)

What are your Must- Haves? Please share, I love recommendations!





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