Being the rebellious adult that I am, I decided to share my wedding and honeymoon bliss backwards. Saving the best for last? My new husband and I decided together where we wanted to spend our honeymoon, it also needed to be one for the books! We started our adventure in Tel Aviv, Israel for 7 days, then off to Crete, Greece for 5 days to relax along the Mediterranean , then back to Tel Aviv for 2 days before heading back home to beautiful Austin! We wanted a few things out of our honeymoon; culture, adventure, and relaxation, and I can tell you we achieved all of them! Since these were three amazing and different portions of our honeymoon I can’t possibly make them one big post now can I?? Why Tel Aviv, Israel you may ask? We really wanted to visit Israel for the amazing food, the culture, the Dead Sea, and to visit the holy grounds of Jerusalem… insert cautionary post for upcoming religious experience here. Ha-ha!

I have to start out by saying my husband planned our entire trip leaving everything to be a surprise and boy did he have some surprises in store for me! Every single detail was fully thought out. He especially wanted our travel to be as relaxing and smooth as possible, he totally succeeded! He paid for a VIP service to take us through customs once we landed in Tel Aviv as well as first class seats complete with a cart that allowed me to build my own ice cream sundae.  I could have called the plane ride a honeymoon and it would have been just as magical!

He also chose the most perfect hotel in a prime location. Right on the ocean, next to many coffee shops, the market, restaurants, pubs and bars… Anything we wanted was with in walking distance! Being the caffeine addict and coffee lover that I am, being so close to the best coffee shops was a huge bonus!  And might I add that the Israelis take their coffee drinking and making very seriously… seriously my caffeine/coffee soul mates. <3

Our days were spent exploring the beach side of Tel Aviv. Early evenings there was  always coffee in hand while watching the sunset followed by an amazing dinner and more exploring. Being the foodies that we are I have to say some of the best dishes I have yet to try were in Tel Aviv!






Views from our hotel were the best!



This was our breakfast every morning…Pictures don’t do it justice!













IMG_20150814_185746 (1)


telaviv edit 1






edit 1

These Sunsets never got old from our hotel! One of my favorite moments in Tel Aviv with my Husband.




There is nothing cooler than watching my smoothie being made with FRESH ingredients. No high fructose corn syrups and artificial ingredients.

telaviv smoothie

A table of Baklava…YES!!



telaviv collage

A girl needs her coffee….



telaviv rfit


telaviv edit 3

We really experienced the adventure we were looking for during these 7 days that it was time for some much needed relaxation time! So off to Crete, Greece only to have many more surprises waiting from my amazing husband!! Stay tuned to Honeymoon Part 2




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