How To Maximize Orange Theory Workouts

Now that I’m closing in on the 8 weeks of the Transformation Challenge at Orange Theory I have learned quite a few things that might help you maximize your Orange Theory Workouts. Unfortunately, I had to learn some of these things the hard way but I’m happy to share any tips that have helped me along the way.

Chest Strap

Wearing your heart rate monitor correctly is important so your stats will ensure accurate tracking. Unfortunately, I had to learn this the hard way! For a couple of weeks, I wasn’t wearing my chest strap properly which lead to me receiving incorrect information. I didn’t realize that knowing my workout stats was so motivating until one day I was working so hard but the monitor showed I wasn’t leaving the green zone and my splat points were at zero.

Take A Break

While doing high-intensity training it’s so important to listen to your body. I have a tendency to ignore what my body is trying to tell me and I will push myself until I’m either fatigued or sick. I knew in order to make the most of this challenge I really needed to stop being so hard headed and listen to my body. What I found is if I worked out four days in a row then on that fourth day not only did my performance struggle but I also found myself super fatigued. What accompanied feeling super fatigued was the urge to binge eat! Needless to say, once I started listening to my body I was able to give each class 100%.


I’ve always been pretty good about stretching but what I learned was that I wasn’t stretching long enough. When I get home from Orange Theory I head straight upstairs to stretch. I was doing the same few stretches I’ve always done and that just wasn’ t enough for my body. I found that once I incorporated a few additional stretches as well as holding them for a longer time period that it helped with my muscular aches and tightness. In addition to extra stretching I also roll out using my foam roller and that helps every time!

Eat Enough

This isn’t something I struggled with personally but my mom did. Her mentality was that the least amount of calories and carbs she could eat would lead her to her weight loss goals. She tried Orange Theory last year with this mentality and always felt fatigued and defeated. She blamed Orange Theory for their workouts being too hard and not for someone her age and she quit. During my 8-week transformation challenge, she saw the changes my body was making as well as seeing how much energy I had so she made the decision to give it another try. I made her promise to eat properly and created a meal plan for her. She is now on her second week and now sees her ways of eating before just don’t work!

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