Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon’s Palette


Too Faced 
has released another delicious smelling palette with the enticing name of  Chocolate Bon Bons. Who else thinks of Peggy Bundy?

I’ll admit that I made a purchase solely based off of packaging this time. In my defence, it’s pink, smells like chocolate and the shadows are in heart shaped pans. It’s called Chocolate Bon Bons for crying out loud!  When it comes to Too Faced they have been on a hot streak of of late, releasing one successful product after another. So, regardless of what their next release was, I was buying it. That this particular palette just happened to have the most adorable packaging EVER was a welcomed bonus! The Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette is the third of  the Chocolate Bars series. The first being “Chocolate Bar” and the second was named “Semi Sweet”. Chocolate Bon Bons includes 16 matte and shimmer shades all infused with antioxidant rich cocoa powder, retailing for $49.00. Now came the question that I needed answered. How does the quality of Chocolate Bon Bons compare to the Chocolate Bar  – Which happened to not only be my favorite Too Faced Product, but is hands down my favorite eye shadow palette to date.


Testing out  palettes, you would expect consistency in the quality, right? Well I, alongside many others, was not impressed with the Semi Sweet palette. So how did the Chocolate Bon Bons hold up to the previous palettes?


  • My first thought upon opening the Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bon’s palette was that the delicious scent of cocoa was sadly absent. I know that a strong scent isn’t for everyone but it is for me!
  • Not as pigmented as the first Chocolate Bar Palette
  • Not as creamy as the previous palettes
  • Does not blend as well as the first Chocolate Bar Palette


Overall this palette is good. Unfortunately, the original Chocolate Bar Palette set the bar pretty high. Possibly making it impossible for palettes to follow, but not taking too much away from the Bon Bons palette as there are some different shades than the previous palettes.‎

  • New, different colors vs previous palettes
  • Adorable packaging
  • While the shades aren’t as pigmented as the original Chocolate Bar, They are still pigmented with nice consistency
  • No fall out
  • Long wear time

Over all I was pleased using this palette, it’s just not my favorite of the 3. However, I do find it significantly better than The Semi Sweet.  Too Faced has not let me down yet, with the Chocolate Bon Bons palette being no exception. I would definitely recommend this palette to anyone!

Have you tried the Too Face Chocolate Bon Bons palette yet?


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